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Considerations for Doctors Making Medical Cannabis Recommendations

With medical cannabis legalization taking hold across the country, more doctors are responding to their patients’ interests to explore cannabis therapies by making medical cannabis recommendations, with some physicians even becoming Cannabis Specialists.

The decision to undertake medicinal cannabis therapies is one that should not be taken lightly by the patient or doctor. This is a decision that should be arrived at after sufficient dialogue to ensure the patient understands the medical journey they are undertaking while ensuring the doctor is prepared to walk that journey with them.

As a doctor recommending medical cannabis, here are a few important aspects of cannabis that the American Academy Cannabis Physicians (AACP) recommends you reflect on as you make the decision whether to recommend cannabis:

Other Treatment Approaches

Before recommending medical cannabis, consider whether there is sufficient documentation that outlines how conventional medications have failed the patient in his or her medical treatments. Is cannabis the best possible treatment plan when other options are yet to be explored?

Use of Illicit Drugs

If there are concerns about a patient with a history of use of illicit substances, the doctor recommending medical cannabis should be prepared to plan for periodic drug testing. The recommending doctor will need to consider whether patients who are found to have been using illicit drugs will be excluded from being recommended medical cannabis. 

Suitability for Medical Cannabis

Physicians recommending medical cannabis should carefully review exactly which patients, conditions, and circumstances within their medical practice would lead them to recommend medical cannabis, ensuring that they have consistent standards across patients. 

Opportunities for Clinical Study

Physicians have an opportunity to engage in clinical studies involving their medical cannabis patients. Consider whether you have an opportunity to contribute to the knowledge and research economy on cannabis through engaging in clinical research with your patients. 

Follow Up Plans

Follow up is an important part of medical cannabis treatments, especially in recognition of the inherent risks of inhaled or smoked cannabis. Doctors recommending medical cannabis should consider their follow up plans for those who use inhaled cannabis, including pulmonary function testing, evaluation of immune status, and testing for the presence of infection.

Assessing Cannabinoid Potency

Medical cannabis offers various potencies and levels of cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Physicians making a medical cannabis recommendation should be aware of the various levels and potencies used to treat certain medical conditions and symptoms, and should consider standardizing THC and CBD levels for standard presentations.

Exploring Terpene Science

Terpenes are taking center stage along with the important cannabinoids found in cannabis with terpenes offering many therapeutic effects and benefits. When selecting cannabis strains, doctors should be prepared to examine terpenoid content and how these terpenes can produce additional and complementary medicinal benefits to cannabinoid therapy. 

Legal Cannabis Requirements

With cannabis not yet being a federally legal substance, there are significant and specific regulations that dictate how medical cannabis patients access and use cannabis within your state. As a recommending doctor, be prepared to help your patients navigate the medical cannabis system, possibly even having them track their sourcing and use.

Required Licenses

Many states require doctors who recommend cannabis to obtain a specific license to carry out this process. Ensure you have received state licensing and permits to make a cannabis recommendation.

Potential for Addiction

Cannabis, when abused, may hold addictive properties. Physicians making recommendations should be well researched and aware of cannabis’ addictive potential as well as psychological conditions like Cannabis Use Disorder,  and should be prepared to discuss this with their patients. 

Potential for Interactions with Other Drugs

Cannabis has interactions with other prescribed drugs. Before recommending cannabis, physicians should be aware of all possible drug interactions in a patients’ current medication roster.

Cannabis Education

Patient education is key in cannabis medicine. It’s not only important that the doctor takes the time to help educate patients on cannabis use, including its risks and benefits, but also assesses their literacy on the information they are taking in. Be sure that you use various types of visual, printed, and video materials to ensure you’re reaching people of all learning styles. 

To enhance what doctors provide in their offices, Cannabis Medical Network (CMN) has developed a library of cannabis education videos aimed to describe different medical conditions and their associated cannabis treatments. 

AACP has partnered with CMN to make this resource available to all its members. Engaging in a partnership with CMN allows cannabis doctors to increase the cannabis literacy level of all their patients, regardless of education level, which leads to a more engaged, informed consultation and better adherence and outcomes, while also improving the patient experience by reducing perceived wait time.

AACP members receive a subscription to CMN’s cannabis education content, including equipment, installation, ongoing service and regularly updated content -- at no charge – as a benefit of partnership with CMN.


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